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Welcome to Pikes Peak Artist Collective!

Hello Colorado Springs Community!

I feel so fortunate to live in Colorado Springs. The beauty of the landscape and its community makes it a wonderful place to be inspired, to create and to feel a part of a place.

Pikes Peak Artist Collective (PPAC) started out as Studio 101. Studio 101 was a childhood art education studio, developed by Rhonda Conn-Parent. Her passion for the community, art and the care she gives as an art teacher is unparalleled. The welcoming and empowering creative environment of her studio has carried over to PPAC. Rhonda still teaches a class, “The Graduate” class, Tuesday evenings at PPAC. She is also the art teacher at Scott elementary school. Pikes Peak Artist Collective will continue to offer art education to children. Art is an outlet and PPAC is a nurturing environment who values fostering creativity in youth. But it doesn’t stop there! We now offer through our dynamic classes and teachers art lessons for adults. I have developed a strong passion in supporting the growth in other artists. This is why I not only teach young and adult artists, but have developed an artist collective. Through our community of artists we can teach many different perspectives and techniques. We can inspire a vast audience and support the artists who want to pass it on. Creative expression is located in every person. It is up to you, your community, and your choice of environment to support your creative expression and let it out! Contact us to experience Pikes Peak Artist Collective. Thank you for reading! Owner/Teacher Rebecca Baum

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We are always doing new things and thinking of ways to engage with the community to create a positive impact through art. We’d love to stay in touch with you. Please join our monthly newsletter below if you’d like to be in the loop! Notice: JavaScript is required for this content.

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