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Here you can find more information related to our most frequently asked questions. For specific concerns or inquiries not found below, please reach out to

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What Ages Are Your Classes For?

We offer classes for students ages 5 and above, including a wide variety of adult offerings and date classes. To ensure a focused learning environment, we maintain seperate classes for adults and youth. Exceptions are made for the parent-child workshops, where both generations can create art together. We strictly adhere to the guideline that youth do not attend adult classes, and vice versa.

Are pets allowed in the studio?

While we love our furry friends, for safety reasons pets are not allowed in the studio.

What is your cancellation policy?

Refunds will only be granted if requested at least seven (7) days prior to the workshop or class. No refunds will be issued for cancellations made within seven (7) days of the scheduled event. Thank you for understanding.

How do I cancel my registration?

You're able to cancel a workshop or series registration 24/7 using our online registration platform, SmartRec by Amilia. Cancellations may be performed if requested at least seven (7) days prior to the scheduled event. Here are the steps to cancel a drop-in using the desktop app: Log into your personal account at There are two ways you can access the drop-in - In the Home tab, check out the Calendar and click the drop-in occurrence; or Click the Purchases tab, select the organization and scroll to the participant's Drop-ins section. After you click on the drop-in, you'll be redirected to the organization's store. Just like when you registered, click on the drop-in in the store's calendar. In the window, click 'Unregister' next to the registered participant's name. If the drop-in was paid with a multipass, the pass is returned. After the participant is 'Successfully unregistered', you may register someone else, continue shopping, or close the session. Here are the steps to cancel a drop-in using the mobile app: Click on the drop-in you would like to cancel in your Schedule. Click on Cancel this event. You will see a message that explains whether you will be credited for the cost of the drop-in according to the organization's Cancellation Policy. Click Terminate enrollment to confirm the cancellation. You'll see a Success message which confirms the drop-in is cancelled.

What is your missed class policy?

No refunds will be issued for missed classes, except in cases of emergencies or extenuating circumstances. For our membership and series workshops, we do offer makeup classes on occasion for students who may have missed a class. This ensures that everyone has the opportunity to catch up and benefit from the full experience.

Do you offer any discounts?

Absolutely! At Pikes Peak Artist Collective, we believe in making creative experiences accessible to everyone. We offer discounts for multi-family sign ups (excluding date night) and seasoned artists (aged 65+. These discounts are automatically applied at checkout. Thank you for being part of the community!

Are Service Animals Allowed Inside?

Service animals which are specially trained to perform tasks to assist individuals with disabilities are allowed within the studio premises. If you have a service animal, please let a member of the staff know prior to your first class and provide all necessary documentation when requested. This ensures a smooth experience for everyone! Please note: service animals in training or animals who become disruptive in any way will not be allowed in the studio during class time. Thank you for understanding.

I completed pottery pieces during a workshop. When can I pick them up?

Pottery pieces are generally ready for pick-up 6-8 weeks after the completion of a class (unless otherwise noted). When your piece is ready, either your instructor or our ceramics manager will reach out to you to let you know. If you have not heard from either, your piece is not ready. If you have received confirmation that you're able to pick up, you can do so any time our studio is open! To check and see if we're open, take a look at the studio calendar on our website's home page.

What are the Studio Hours?

The studio is only open during scheduled classes, memberships and first friday arts. Our studio hours change weekly to align with class sessions. We recommend checking the calendar on our homepage ( for up-to-date daily hours throughout the month. Thank you for understanding and we look forward to creating art together!

What kind of glaze is used?

At our studio, we use only non-toxic glazes as a standard practice.That being said, some glazes may contain chemicals that could leach out. We've specifically listed these glazes (noted under the glaze sample in studio) as not suitable for functional ware to be used for consuming foods or drinks.

How do I know which glazes are food safe?

Shiny glazes or those with a glass-like finish are food safe. Matte glazes (like "steely" or "satin" finishes) have a more porous surface. If you encounter an artisan selling matte glaze cookware, they might be a novice or less considerate of the user experience.

What type of clay is used? Is it food safe?

All of our clay is locally sourced from Rocky Mountain Clay Supply in Colorado Springs. Most clay (except for speckled clay) is food safe and microwave safe. Note that this refers to the clay itself, not necessarily the glaze applied to it. Speckled clay contains specks from a metal (usualy iron). While it's safe to work with, avoid consuming food or drinks directly from unglazed speckled clay, as the metal could leach out trace amounts. Once glaze-fired with a shiny glaze, it becomes totally safe.

Are the ceramics pieces dishwasher and/or microwave safe?

Using dishwashers is generally fine, but it may increase wear and tear on your pottery! If your glaze contains metals, it could react in the microwave. Metals often produce colors in glazes that are; blue (copper/cobalt), green (copper/cobalt), pink(rutile), red(iron), purple (rutile/cobalt), rust (iron)

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