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Introducing workshop teacher Natalie Becker!

Hello Art Enthusiasts!

I am originally from Phoenix, AZ and moved to Colorado Springs about 17 years ago with my husband. My art journey started when I was in graduate school and I took oil painting classes from a local artist in town. I absolutely loved painting! I finished my graduate degree and started to take painting classes at night after work. I have been lucky enough to take painting classes from Master Artists in portrait and landscape painting techniques over the years. I have taught art classes as a guest teacher in Colorado Springs, but this is my first time teaching workshops. I am excited to offer this workshop that will encompass the things that I have learned about painting faces from various professional artists.

My approach to painting faces is to see the value and shapes accurately and to place them on the canvas in an interesting and fun way. I use a limited palette of five colors that provides life-like colors and is easier to use when you are first beginning to paint flesh tones. It is important to develop your drawing abilities when you paint faces and so I encourage artists to practice drawing every day if possible. In the class, we will focus on value relationships with respect to the face and how this creates a more life-life representation of a person.

I want to provide a fun, relaxed atmosphere for artists to experiment and learn more about painting portraits. It is my goal that each artist walk away with information from the workshop that will help them develop their own unique, portrait painting style.

Thank you for reading, Natalie Becker

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