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Introducing Workshop Teacher Jasmine!

Jasmine Dillavou is an eco-conscious, Boricua mixed media artist. Dillavou investigates identity through the lens of complex cultural visibility and heavy political topics. She carries her BFA from the University of Colorado in Colorado Springs and has shown in numerous exhibitions across the Front Range including GOCA, Black Cube and A.I.R Gallery in NY. She is an arts advocate for the Pikes Peak Arts Council and runs a program called Non Book Club Book Club. Often engaging through performance art, installation and poetry, her work asks the audience to be vulnerable and soft through immersive experiences. She is passionate about telling stories and working in layers, something she is incredibly excited to share with the students of Pikes Peak Artist Collective.

PPAC is an incredible space to get messy and learn something new-the most important parts of being an artist! PPAC is situated in the middle of an amazing community where art thrives in experimentation. Our city is a place of flux, ready to transform with every brush stroke, every dance move and every written word. We are lucky to have spaces that encourage new techniques for makers of all ages and levels of education, that is truly what makes this place outstanding. When we are allowed to delve into something new and daring, our abilities as creatives expand beyond limits. Dillavou always says that it is never too late and never too early to explore a new art form-your creative moment is right on time.

If you attend a class with Jasmine Dillavou, you’re bound to find yourself getting a lil uncomfortable! She believes in stretching our creative horizons and never getting too comfortable with one technique. You will be pushed to always include Your narrative in Your work, after all, everything we make is secretly a self-portrait. Typically, her courses involve exploring identity through our art, approaching our work as a way of better knowing who we are because that is where the good stuff happens. We have to look beyond art as just beautiful things, art is the ability to find ourselves, it is a chance to invite viewers into our universes. You will not be learning to make anything traditionally pretty in Dillavou’s class for that reason. You might find yourself listening to paper, smelling colors and even speaking to scissors-it’s all part of the process. When playing with layers, either through assemblage, collage, sound or light, Dillavou will challenge you to find intersections of identity in fun and expressive ways.

We can’t wait to have you in the studio!


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