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Introducing “Tava Adaptive Arts” by Hayley Branch

Introducing Hayley Branch!

Teacher of a new class program called “Tava Adaptive Arts”

Bachelor of Anthropology from the University of Wyoming Proficient in American Sign Language Significant Support Needs Instructor for Harrison School District 2

Hello Artist Community! I am a born and raised resident of Colorado Springs and embody a passion for my community and the unmatched nature here. I am still very much evolving in my own artistry as I try new mediums and explore new interests and parts of the world. Creativity flows in a multitude of ways that reflect an individual and mine manifests itself through my garden, the random items that I paint, the equality and progress I work towards, and my love for learning about people and culture.

Growing up in the Springs and living most of my life here has allowed me to know the Springs for all its outward and hidden beauty while equally knowing its shortcomings. The world needs more fully inclusive and accessible spaces for differently abled people and El Paso county is no different. I worked in a middle school special needs program filled with amazing students who embody creativity and passion. With them in mind I envisioned a fully inclusive space for differently abled students to go through their own artistic journeys and creating art that will be showcased. A place that is flexible, colorful, and centered around our students interests and needs. Art is undefinable, subjective, and free flowing but vital for everyone in their own way. My goal is to empower special needs students and their creativity with a program that provides anything they need to be successful in that. I am so grateful to the Pikes Peak Artist Collective for providing our community that space and for their passionate people. I cannot wait to make art together.

special needs art class
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