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Introducing Barbara Dimond

Barbara Dimond CCNY Bachelors in Art education and Art Graduate Education in art at Colorado College

Growing up in New York City I was exposed to museum exhibits from an early age. I learned to look and get ideas for my own art. I continue to this day to visit New York City and bring back ideas and experiences to share with my students.

I consider myself a mixed media/ paper artist. Trained as a paper maker, I now work in paper mache. I create large bustierre’s, shoes, hats and bags that are highly stylized.

Additionally, I am an “out of the box” collage and mixed media artist. A lot of this process is a layering of ideas, re-purposing and transformation. I collect materials from my travels and locally; I am always on the hunt for fun things to use and share with students.

I have taught at the Bemis School of Art for 25 years including; classes for children, special needs, teenagers and adults. I was a faculty member at Pikes Peak Community College and an artist in residence with PPLD. In the summers I teach workshops at Artspa in Santa Fe.

I believe that everyone is creative and to find their niche one must experience the creative process. Exploring new ideas leads to finding your joy in whatever medium that is. Just do it!

Check out my first workshop offered at Pikes Peak Artist Collective! “Fiber Fusion Collage”  Wednesday January 30th 10am – 12:30pm

Click the link below to read more and sign up for the this exciting workshop.

Click HERE to sign up.

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