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Beginners Guide to Oil Painting

Updated: Apr 12

-Thank you Lexie Holland for sharing this super helpful article that provides a very dynamic and comprehensive breakdown of oil painting.

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To put it simply, using oil paints to create your artwork is not as difficult of a process as it may seem!

Oil paints remain one of the most popular types of painting medium in the world due to their versatility, lustrousness, longevity and overall color richness. As a result, they are the undisputed champion of paints, and are something that every artist must try at least once in their life!

There is a particular old-school cachet associated with the medium of oil painting, mainly because it was commonly used and eventually popularized by a lot of masters of the European Renaissance. Ancient oil paintings continue to endure and describe stories in an extremely fascinating way.

However, that does not mean that oil paints cannot be used to create fascinating contemporary art, nor does it mean that fresh artists should feel intimidated by the medium on the whole.

If the thought of attempting to use oil paints frightens or intimidates you, you aren’t alone! It’s only natural that you want to find out more about exactly what you need to get started in the process, and how to do it. Oil paints are actually quite easy to use once you know how.

If this sounds like something you’re interested in, this beginner’s guide to using oil paints is for you!

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