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Introducing Workshop Teacher Elizabeth Hildy

Elizabeth Hildy Artist, Teacher, Student of the Arts

I have loved art all of my life. My parents would not support an art degree, so I have a degree in English literature and spent a decade in recruitment/sales and another twelve years teaching honors language arts to sixth and seventh graders after earning a masters degree in teaching. I did have a metalsmithing studio in my home at one point in Illinois and have taken quite a few jewelry classes in the past, primarily at the University of Illinois and the College of DuPage.

We moved to Colorado Springs in July 2018, and I started taking classes at Bemis School of Art at Colorado College to see if I had talent in other mediums. I have a vision of putting my art endorsement to use teaching art to children in my own community. I discovered a love for oil painting, and I take drawing classes to improve my painting skills. I am also in the process of moving my teaching license to Colorado.

I took a full day mixed media workshop at the Heritage Fine Arts Guild taught by Amelia Furman, and my “Find Your Inner Selfie” class will use that process with my own twist and Amelia’s blessing. I love the haphazard freedom of mixed media.

Both of my daughters, Elise, grade 8, and Eve, grade 4, are artists. I love trying class ideas out on them. Eve had a recent art date at our home that became my upcoming “Can Creatures” class. Elise made one of the models for “Find Your Inner Selfie”.

I take online classes from local artist Wendy Brightbill on collage, oil, drawing, and finding one’s own unique style. Wendy reminded me that we learn best what we teach, and I am thrilled to experience the learning that comes from making what you plan to teach, teaching others, and taking what students taught you right back into your own work. We learn best when we learn from one another.

I hike in Colorado and take photographs of nature. I am primarily inspired by nature, travel, and collaborating with other artists.

My artistic focus is currently on oil painting, mixed media, and photography. My current oil paintings can be purchased at Alive Beauty Company in Old Colorado City, and my photography, mixed media, and oils are available at Hair by Keri in Colorado Springs. I hope to have art on display at Pikes Peak Artist Collective in the future. I am very excited to live in such a vibrant and interconnected art community, and I look forward to continuing as an artist, teacher, and student at Pikes Peak Art Collective. I hope to meet you soon!

View her October and January workshops HERE!

#coloradohildy Art on display at Alive Beauty Company, Old Colorado City and Hair By Keri, Colorado Springs

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