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Introducing Workshop Teacher Daniel Christie!

Raised in the shadow of the Balkan Wars and the fall of Communism in Eastern Europe, I fell in love with story—both true stories and literature brimming with courage, struggle, and goodness. Writing and drawing had always been ways for me to interact with the stories and cultures that surrounded me.

In high school Albert Bierstadt opened my eyes to the sublime landscape, and under the tutelage of John Ruskin’s treatises on the subject I dove headlong into landscape painting as a mode through which to convey the passion, sorrow, joy, and nostalgia of stories read and cultures witnessed. Earning awards in a few student shows in high school and early college propelled me into pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Studio Art from Colorado State University after a brief interlude studying history and language in the Middle East.

Currently I am based in Colorado, painting landscapes, sauntering in the mountains, and steeping in literature.

Check out my workshop Dec 14th “Intro to Painting the Seascape in Oils”

Thank you for reading, Daniel Christie

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