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Founder of Studio 101, Rhonda Conn-Parent

Honoring the history of Pikes Peak Artist Collective (formerly Studio 101) By: Rhonda Conn-Parent

20 years ago I started Studio 101 out of my home. It out-grew our home and onto the avenue, becoming a very strong entity in the Old Colorado City business district. My intention was two-fold: 1. I wanted to offer fine art classes to young people. Just as soccer, baseball, etc. is offered, I knew there was a population of kiddos out there who needed to make art – to use the special voice that comes from their artist-self. Personally, no matter the age, I feel we all have an artist-self and to allow it to breath, exercise, speak – live on the surface, we give ourselves an essential expression of achievement and joy that makes that next day to come the most exciting anticipation ahead of us! 2. I quit the public school system to be with our own children. They grew up at and “through” Studio 101 as the studio evolved through the 17 years that I owned this lovely “sanctuary”, “sanctuary” – as one of my former high school students pegged it.

I am beyond grateful to this community, the Studio 101 families, my own family and every one of the beautiful artists who have made their marks and contributed their amazing energy to the growth of Studio 101. The studio achieved accomplishments that went beyond my dreams and I have learned so much along the way as an educator, a mother and an artist.

What an honor it is to continue teaching as Ms. Rebecca keeps Studio 101, now called Pikes Peak Artist Collective alive and kicking – and, boy, is she doing a stunning job!!! She has awesome energy and a powerful vision for the future of this gem in our city. That’s what the studio is all about!

Thank you for reading!


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