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Anime Arts July 5th -Teen

Anime Arts teaches your artist how to build characters in the style of anime. They will use pencil, illustration pens and markers to create their characters based on an already established character or they can invent their own

Japanese Brushwork July 12th -Teen

The art of Japanese brushwork offers an awesome experience of creative control of the brush and ink. Your artist will learn and appreciate the history of Japanese brushwork and the skills related to this beautiful art form. They will produce a number of paintings during this workshop so clear off those walls at home – beautiful art coming soon!

Pen and Ink Magic July 19th -Teen

Those pens piled up on your desk are little magic makers for drawing. Your artist will learn the techniques of pen and ink drawing by studying the art of Oscar Ukonu. Hatching, cross hatching and pressure will be a few of the techniques learned. They will have the opportunity to begin a drawing using these techniques and their own creativity!

The Power of Color July 26th -Teen

The Power of Color is real and SO cool! – especially when applied in visual arts! Your artist will learn how to control creating their own colors and how color creates shadow, light, energy and serenity so that when they wish to use color in their art they will feel the true power they have to create!

Clay Air Planters! Teen- August 4th

In this workshop we’ll be designing your own idea for a handmade planter, made to hold a living air plant. We’ll be designing and sketching our ideas before bringing them to life with clay!

Introduction to Wheel Throwing -Teen – August 11th

In this fun introductory class students will get to try wheel throwing techniques, and create pieces of functional art that will last a lifetime! At the end of class, students will also learn how to alter and decorate their wheel-thrown pieces. Great class for all skill levels. Come prepared to get messy and play with clay!

Creative Mugs! Teen – July 7th

Students in this class will learn how to design, sketch and create their dream mug, learning Handbuilding techniques like slab-building and surface decoration along the way. We’ll also be painting our mugs in the colors and design of students’ choosing, completing their very own functional piece of art. Students can come to class with ideas if they wish!

Art Classes For Kids

We love it!

“My daughter’s weekly art classes are the best part of her week. She has learned a wide variety of art techniques, her favorite being pottery.”

– Elizabeth

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Art Classes For kids