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Reserve Clay Studio Time

This is a fun and creative activity for groups wanting to try something new and/or wanting to enjoy the fun feel of clay. The choice of what you would like to create is up to you!


A skilled instructor will help guide and provide appropriate materials to ensure your creative success.

Use of the throwing wheels (5) and hand building will be the general focus of the class.


Hand building includes creating objects like; mugs, platters, vases, home decor, sculptures, and the list goes on. The use of the throwing wheel can be a fun and exciting challenge, depending on skill level students can create various forms of pottery; mug, vase, plate, ring holder etc.


Pottery will be designed and created by you. You will then have a choice of glaze color per piece from our wide array of homemade dynamic glazes!


The instructor will fire your creations, glaze and fire again, then contact you when ready for pickup approximately 6 weeks later.

Minimum pottery class size of 4 and maximum class size of 16.

The cost is $110 per person*
*inquire for large group discount

Includes: 2 hour private class, skilled instructor, 3 lbs. of clay per person, firings, and glazes.

Please schedule at least 3 weeks in advance!

woman wearing apron stans in art studio leaning over pottery wheel using her hands to sculpt a clay vase
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