Sign your child up for a summer full of art! Each themed camp is held on Monday and Tuesday from 10AM-12PM, purchased together. With our dynamic offerings there is sure to be a fit for your young artist.
See our list of creative themed camps below.
*Please note youth who have not been vaccinated need to wear a mask in class.

Art Fun with Shapes! – June 14th & 15th *Sold Out

In this camp, not only we will learn about how we can use shapes to help us break down more complicated subjects into bite-size pieces but also how we can also use them to make fun and funky abstract art! Moreover, we will discuss the difference between shape and form as we practice using various shapes as building blocks for our artwork. Each student will leave the camp with an abstract mixed media collage!

Collage! Collage! Collage! – July 12th & 13th

In this camp, students will learn about the history of collage and how it has evolved through the years. Each student will have a chance to make their own mixed media collage using cut paper, magazine clippings, paint, pastel, marker, fabric scraps, and stamps! Feel free to bring any particular photos or materials to add to your art!

Pen and Paint Outside! – July 19th & 20th

Students will venture outside to paint their surroundings with watercolor, acrylic, pen, or all three combined! We will also learn about some famous plein air artists and how plein air art has affected the art world. Each student will take home three small plein air artworks.

The Art of Lettering – July 26th & 27th

In this camp, we will learn about the fundamentals of lettering and how we can create our own unique fonts! We will practice different styles and techniques, creating our own unique alphabets as we go. Each student will take home lettering art that features their alphabet and a phrase or saying of their choice!

Drawing and Shading – August 2nd & 3rd

In this camp, we will learn all about line and how we can use it in our artwork to help us illustrate our imaginations. We will also discuss shading and how different shading techniques can add to our artworks. Each student will take home an artwork that incorporates both these concepts using pen!

Sew Cool! – August 9th & 10th

Yay the annual summer sewing camp is back! Explore the art of sewing by sewing fun things you can take home and use. Bring your own fabric or sew with a wide variety of fabric provided. Projects will be diverse and catered to students who have had some experience on the sewing machine or are quick learners. Feel free to bring your own sewing machine!

Art Classes For Kids

We love it!

“My daughter’s weekly art classes are the best part of her week. She has learned a wide variety of art techniques, her favorite being pottery.”

– Elizabeth

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