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Teen Hand-building and Sculpture w/ CLAY!

Learn the art of clay in this 6 week workshop, all skill levels welcome! Learn a wide variety of hand building and sculptural techniques. Create sculptural and functional items that you can keep with you for a lifetime. Students have the freedom to initiate their own creative projects while learning techniques from a skilled instructor. 

Drawing in Pen & Ink + Watercolors

In this fun and exciting class, we will draw still-lifes, landscapes, urbanscapes, animals, portraits, and figures! We will use the beautiful combination of ink pen and watercolors weekly. All levels welcome!

Painting Contemporary Landscapes

In this fun and exciting class, we will look at and discuss the work of a different contemporary landscape painter each week. We will then paint a landscape in a variety of styles, using different techniques, creating expressionistic and even abstract landscapes. All levels and painting mediums welcome!

Portrait Painting in a Variety of Styles

In this fun and exciting class, we will look at, and discuss, the works of different portrait painters each week. We will then paint portraits in a different style, using new techniques and color schemes weekly

Painting Western and Southwest Arts

In this fun and exciting class, we will look at and discuss, the works of a different Contemporary Western artist each week. We will then create a painting in various styles and techniques. We will study the beautiful works of Maynard Dixon, Georgia O’Keeffe, Veloy Vigil, and many more!

Painting Contemporary Still Lifes

In this fun and exciting class, we will look at, and discuss, the work of some very different contemporary still- life painters. Each week we will create a different still- life painting in these expressionistic, and even abstract styles, working more from photos than actual still- lifes.

Exercises in Painting Techniques and Color

In this informative and helpful class, students will paint different exercises weekly, focusing on “parts” of a painting, as opposed to a full, finished one. We will learn different techniques to paint still life’s, landscapes, portraits, and figures. All painting mediums and levels welcome. 

Pottery Making for Coffee Lovers!

Learn to make your own mug and coffee pour over in this 4 week workshop. During this workshop you will have the opportunity to try out both wheel throwing and hand building methods. Open to all skill levels.

Grateful Pumpkins!

Create festive pumpkins using a wide variety of mediums including paint, pencil, marker, pastel and paper. Let us be reminded of our blessings and bring beauty to our spaces with your fun fall creations.

Parent & Child Hand Building w/ CLAY!

Learn the art of clay in this 5 week workshop, all skill levels welcome.
This class is specifically geared towards parents and children who are looking to have a great time, while working on their creativity individually or together!

Abstracted Still Life w/ Mixed Media Teen Workshop

This course for teens offers the opportunity to explore still life in a whole new way. In this course, participants have the chance to redefine how a still life can be seen and represented. Feel free to explore the possibilities of what creative representation can be, in this mixed media class. Students will have the opportunity  to use college, watercolor, drawing, painting and sculpture techniques!

Story in Motion – Youth Workshop

This class offers the opportunity for children to find the joy in story telling by utilizing a wide variety of mediums. This class offers a fresh take on how we define story in art. Create your very own story with a wide variety of mediums; paint, pastel, watercolor, pencil, charcoal, paper and mixed media.

Painting Outside of the Box!

This class offers participants to redefine what ‘Painting’ can be. It’s easy to think that painting can only be done with brushes and paint. But what if painting a picture could be done using any material you wanted? Come and explore what painting can be, in this Mixed Media class.

Art Classes For Kids

We love it!

“My daughter’s weekly art classes are the best part of her week. She has learned a wide variety of art techniques, her favorite being pottery.”

– Elizabeth

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