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Art classes for kids

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Teacher of Monday – Thursday Children’s Classes
Monday, Tuesday & Thursday Adult Clay and Private Pottery Classes

Bachelor of Arts in Art and a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies from the University of Oregon
Focus in glaze chemistry and environmental design.

Throughout my life I have had a strong awareness of and attraction to the beauty in all things; I am excited to bring my passion for beauty, design, and people to Pikes Peak Artist Collective.

As a life-long artist, I have been a painter, jewelry maker, and a ceramic artist. I appreciate the beauty in all forms of art but I find my primary medium for creative expression is working with clay.

Through my appreciation of creative expression, I want to collaborate with other art educators to support the growth of artists in Colorado Springs.

My experience at the University of Oregon allowed me to explore art and creative expression and enriched my passion as an artist. My Environmental Studies degree at the University of Oregon furthered my appreciation of the natural world providing me with multicultural experiences in Mexico, Belize and Guatemala. From those experiences I came to appreciate the changing world we are apart of and the importance that fostering the expression of creativity is necessary for the sustainability of a healthy world.

After moving to Colorado Springs from Pennsylvania with my husband Casey, I met Marcie Anderson owner of Studio 101 that was originally started by Rhonda Conn-Parent. My progression into ownership in 2019 was natural and an inspiration to honor the history of the studio and keep what has been created as a viable part of the community.

We look forward to continue to provide a supportive and comfortable art education center for both children and adults.

My goal is to see artists creating in a nurturing space that enhances expression, surrounded by art work created by children and adults, with various teachers providing different perspectives and skills and a wide variety of art shows held by different PPAC artists. As a community we can support one another, inspire our souls and thrive. Most of all, I am excited to meet you and learn how we can collectively enable the expression of art in Colorado Springs.

painting classes

Contact: gimmieshelter44@gmail.com


Instructor for Weekday Adult Painting and Drawing Classes 

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting and minor in Art History from Colorado State University

I am a painter, Illustrator, muralist, and instructor, currently working and residing in Colorado Springs. I teach numerous painting and drawing classes at Bemis School of Art at the Colorado Springs Fine Art Center at Colorado College, as well as at the Manitou Art Center. I have also taught painting at Cottonwood Center for the Arts, and teach numerous private lessons, and Figure drawing sessions.

Art has always been an integral and important part of my life. After putting myself through school, earning 2 Fine Art degrees, I lived in numerous cities throughout the US, always painting, but working a variety of jobs. Upon my return to my home town, with much determination and hard work, I became a professional artist, showing and selling my work, as well as teaching.

I believe that art brings all people together, as it helps us to express ourselves in a necessary, and even therapeutic way. Creativity is a calming, often challenging, and peaceful process for me. I am extremely passionate about Art and Art History, and look forward to sharing that passion and experience with my new students, and old, at Pikes Peak Artist Collective!

Art Classes for kids

Contact: rhondacp@gmail.com 


Ms. Rhonda’s Youth Studio Graduate Class 

BFA from The University of North Texas
Extensive training in High Trust Psychology

I formed the Studio Graduate class as I saw what the children wanted and needed – as artists AND as learners. As a result we have a class designed to balance structure and freedom – a “flipped” classroom or art studio where the student produces work primarily from their own vision and then receive a monthly “touch point” along the way. A touch point is a teacher directed art lesson. From art history, to art appreciation to specific art techniques, the student watches a teacher’s demo, adding deeply to their repertoire of skills that they can then integrate into their own art-envisioning/making process.

The unique twist to the Grad class is that they receive direct assistance from each other and myself as they make their art work, so it is almost like a private and group class all in one!
The Grad class is not based on age-level- it is based on a readiness to produce work independently. So the ages can vary in the class. What is so beautiful about the Studio Graduate class is that the soul, passion and energy of the group is a pretty “even playing field” so this class organically forms into that “sanctuary” where young people can live their artist-self with courage, a willingness to grow and authentic love for exercising that voice inside of them that truly needs a platform. The Studio Graduate class is that platform.

Art Classes for kids

Contact: gsagona91@gmail.com


Teacher of “Sunday Clay Workshops”
Bachelors of Arts in Ceramics from Herron School of Art and Design
Masters of Art Therapy/ Counseling from Southwestern College

Gina’s art career started at the Indianapolis Art Center where she was first a student and later became a ceramics instructor and the assistant technician for the ceramics studio. Gina taught for seven years at the Indianapolis Art Center, she learned that her love for ceramics as an art form is influenced largely by the community, and she feels it is an integral part of being a ceramics artist. Whether you’re firing a wood kiln or curating an art show, being part of an artist community is an invaluable asset.

Being inspired by the inherent healing that occurs during the creative process, she moved to Santa Fe to study Art Therapy. While in Santa Fe, she fell in love with the raw, natural beauty of the earth and the colors of the southwest. Her journey brought her to Colorado Springs where she is grateful to be able to call home. Her artwork is inspired by the gorgeous environment and the air of adventure that the mountains instill.

While searching for a local artist community in Colorado Springs, she synchronistically stumbled upon Pikes Peak Artist Collective. She was drawn to PPAC by it’s radiating inclusivity and generosity. She is excited to share her knowledge of the ceramic process and ceramic techniques while bearing witness to the healing and growth that the creative process promotes.


Teacher of Teen Clay Workshops

General Associates Degree with a Focus in Art

BS in Sociology with a Focus in Social Work

From the beginning, Nikki has loved art as a form of expression, creation, and healing. It has become a type of hands-on therapy during difficult time periods. Art has helped her navigate life with greater mental health. Through that, she found a passion for working with teenagers and helping them find their artistic voice.

Over the years, Nikki has learned many modalities of art including drawing, painting, ceramics, and sculpture. She loves different mediums, each for different reasons, but when sculpting with clay it feels like the most natural thing in the world.

Nikki moved to Colorado Springs in 2012 with her husband Joe and had their daughter in 2020. They love the way this area embraces nature, art, and it’s people and have found a lot of joy in this community. She found Pikes Peak Artistic Collective in November 2019 as a student and taught her first teen clay class June 2021. She has a wonderful time working with the teens and helping them develop their own personal artistic expression through clay.

Nikki’s goal for future classes is to continue to cultivate creative expression and artistic voice in the students, and to bring more understanding about the potentials of clay. She has a passion for the human body and the female figure is her favorite muse.
Nikki can’t wait to see what amazing pieces you will produce!
Art Classes for kids

Contact: danielkchristie@gmail.com


Teacher of Adult Weekend Painting & Drawing Workshops
Youth Weekend Workshops

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art from Colorado State University

As a fine artist, Daniel paints narrative landscapes in oils and Byzantine icons in egg tempera. Raised in post-Communist Eastern Europe, he now calls Colorado home. Vivifying storied landscapes with a paintbrush, he depicts the austere beauty of the Jordanian desert, the rugged majesty of the Rocky Mountains, and the turbulent seascapes of literature.

Constantly seeking to hone his craft and share his discoveries with anyone willing to listen, he explores the methods and materials of the medieval iconographer and the 19th century painter. He strives in everything he paints to portray what the medieval artists would have called “the radiance of truth”.
When he’s not painting he teaches art and literature at a local classical school. Daniel loves sharing his passion for art with everyone and has taught K-6 art for one year and has given private lessons for the past few years. He is motivated by seeing the spark of joy in children and adults alike when they accomplish something beautiful. You can find him out on the trails painting en plein air with the tools of artists who trailblazer Colorado with the pioneers.
Art Classes for kids

Contact: candlerenglish@gmail.com


Teacher of Youth Weekend Workshops

Bachelor of Fine Art from School of Visual Arts, New York City.

Ever since Candler was young, he has had a deep desire to create. Whether it was making forts deep in the Georgian backwoods, or writing music and performing songs, he has always held the process of creating very close to his heart.

As a student at School of Visual Arts, Candler was given free license to make art with whatever tools he desired. This led to creative projects utilizing mixed media art, sculpture, painting, video, projection, and music. This exploration of different mediums is something that Candler continues to do in his own art making, and is a huge part of art making in his classroom environments.

For the last two years, while living in North Carolina, Candler was able to explore the rich history of Appalachian storytelling through local music and art. As a painter, collagist, and musician, he is extremely passionate about the process of storytelling. He loves finding the beauty in people’s stories as well as assisting them in finding their own unique creative expression.

While teaching, Candler’s objective is to show people that art making is not about the final product, but about the internal journey and joy of creating. In his mind, creating isn’t about the ‘Art’, it’s about the ‘Heart’. Through this philosophy, he holds the notion of ‘playfulness’ in art making to be very important.

Art Classes For Kids

We love it!

“My daughter’s weekly art classes are the best part of her week. She has learned a wide variety of art techniques, her favorite being pottery.”

– Elizabeth

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Art Classes For kids