special needs

Tava Adaptive Art  

8 Week Workshops for Students with Special Needs

Tava adaptive art’s mission is first to do art and second,
to hold intentionally inclusive and adaptive space for differently abled students to
explore art. The program’s built in flexibility will be centered around the student’s
creative interests pursued through project adaptations and one on one support
with an experienced SSN instructor. Our students will create pieces that will
explore and highlight their individual artistry.

 For many students at any age, one on one or individualized support is what is
needed to be successful. The class is set up to provide support whether that looks like hand over hand, tool modification, project adaptation and free flowing flexibility.
An initial meeting with the students, parents or guardians and teacher will take place before the class begins to discuss expectations, abilities, interests and goals.
Read more about the instructor Hayley

Ages: 4th grade- high school
Price: $310; 1 hour per week for 8 weeks, includes materials
Class Size: Min/Max 3 students

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