The Art of Selecting Art: Experts Share Unique Art Pieces for Every Room of the House

Art can make any house feel like a home, but sometimes it can be a challenge to find art pieces that speak to you and reflect your design style. With many different art forms, there are some pieces that could fit well with your existing decor and others that may not. If this sounds like a problem you are facing, you’re in luck. We reached out to art experts from Encinitas, CA to Windsor, ON for their best suggestions on unique art pieces to consider for every room in your home. From metal sculptures to metal prints, keep reading to see what they had to say.

1) Show off your style with an oversized piece of art

A great way to make your home feel elevated is with an oversized piece of art. A large piece allows you to make a statement, especially if you place it in an area that’s highly trafficked or a meeting point. Keep the middle of the piece at least at eye level so your guests can get a really good look at the detail of your piece. – Ana Isabel Photography

2) Curate a gallery wall

I think every home should have a gallery wall. You can loosely follow a theme by subject matter or use similar frame colors, but feel free to make it eclectic and mix in mirrors or tiny shelves. It’s a more interesting way to share your art collection versus seeing a standalone painting. – Michelle Farro

3) Add a metal sculpture to your garden

A great space for a piece of artwork is in your garden. Metal sculptures, whether left to rust or clear coated to maintain their color, provide a delightful focus for the eye. It also provides something to look at when the rest of the yard has been put to bed in the fall. – Blue Seed Studio

4) Bring warmth into a room with a hand-embroidered textile

Homeowners should consider a hand-embroidered textile for their homes. This type of art uses handwoven and hand-embroidered imagery. The texture and colors of these pieces create a warm and elegant feeling in the room and are ideal for rooms where people gather. – Ianthe Jackson

5) Don’t forget humidity-proof art for your bathroom

The bathroom is a space that is often overlooked, but there is so much potential to elevate this room. Art on the wall, a sculpture next to the tub, or a vase on the ledge of the sink are all great options. The main thing to keep in mind is to choose a piece in a material that will stand up to wetness and humidity, like glass or ceramic. – Yasha Butler

6) Select a painting that speaks to you for your main wall

When selecting a painting for your main wall in the living room, choose a painting that speaks to you. Like a true artist, I used my intuition and instinct in making my art and I believe it should be the same way when selecting art for your home. – Joejene Art Studio

7) Go with a custom ceramic piece to fit your home

When I’m designing a custom piece or choosing placement for a piece, I think mostly about how the homeowner will engage with that piece. Will they see it every day? Will they walk under or around it as they go about their day? Will the change in light and shadow throughout the day change the way they see the piece? This process not only results in placing the work in an esthetically pleasing way, but the piece becomes a part of the home itself. – Jenni Ward

8) Think about the function of your ceramics

When choosing ceramic art for your home, it’s important to consider both the function of the piece and how it will enhance your space. You want to choose ceramic art that visually livens the space while also seamlessly fitting into your daily rituals. As a maker, I often create narrow-necked ceramic bottles because they can be both visually appealing while also serving as either cruet for spirits, vinegar, oils, or as a bud vase for fresh-cut blooms. – Danielle Carelock

9) Commission an artist to create an original painting

An original painting created by a local artist is a wonderful way to enhance your new home. Bring the outside in by hanging a landscape painting on a wall with no window. Abstract, still life, and floral paintings will bring color and interest to your rooms, creating a unique space for your friends and family to enjoy. – Kim T. Richards

An original painting is one of the most classic and traditional pieces of art you may consider for your home. The perfect combination is when you find a painting that suits the style of your interior and makes you feel calm and cozy at home. – Lina Vonti

10) Spread tiny jewels in nooks and hidden areas of the home

Consider strategically placing tiny jewels of artwork in intimate and unexpected nooks and narrow walls, an oversized painting to anchor an entire room with color, or positioning an outdoor sculpture where it can be enjoyed from your breakfast nook and passersby alike. Whatever your choices, consider them in terms of how they will be experienced in context, not only how they look themselves. – Studio Comfort Texas

11) Display mugs as a conversation starter

Handmade ceramic mugs are a fun collection to have in your house either on display or in your kitchen cabinet. Support artists while traveling and develop a collection that is full of memories. Your mug collection is sure to be a fun talking point with guests, make it fun and have your guests pick out a mug of their choosing, the more diverse the collection the better – Pikes Peak Artist

12) Bring the outdoors in with landscaping paintings

Selecting art for your home is like buying clothes, since you know what you like and don’t like. Going with what resonates with you will likely already compliment your home furnishings because you’ve already selected other items that beautify your home and have meaning for you. It is especially nice to bring the outdoors in with soothing landscape paintings. – Hagerman Art

13) Get a one-of-a-kind NFT art piece

I’m excited to see people begin printing and placing NFT art into the real world and vice versa. Anywhere the digital and physical worlds meet up is intriguing. – PrintKEG

14) Add epoxy resin paintings to your home

Epoxy resin paintings can show abstract motifs, natural sceneries like beaches, or geodes. Because they are made from epoxy resin, they shine bright and are an eye-catcher. – Acrylgiessen

15) Use textile-based artwork to dampen echos

Nothing is more uplifting and beautiful than a home with vaulted ceilings, granite countertops, and a floor-to-ceiling stone fireplace. To dampen the echo and balance the hard, sharp features of rock in large modern homes – I recommend textile-based artwork. Back in the day, those folks living in castles picked tapestries for a reason – warm up your modern castle with the softness of the fabric. – Lisa Call, abstract contemporary textile paintings

I suggest textile works for any dwelling, but particularly today in the ’stark’ clean lines of most apartments and homes. The sound echoes and bounces around on the hard surfaces. Having some ‘soft’ furnishings such as textile art can help dampen the noise and emptiness one hears in these large open areas. – Anni Hunt

16) Reproductions of your favorite pieces are also great options

Fool your house guests into thinking you committed the greatest art heist of all time by displaying a stroke-by-stroke life-sized reproduction of the stolen “The Storm on the Sea of Galilee” by Rembrandt, or go with something priceless instead such as a personalized hand-painted oil painting on canvas of your cherished family photo, kids, or wedding portrait. Even a cell phone picture of your pets in their cutest moment can be an inspiration for an artist to immortalize your furry loved ones (picture your dog playing poker like in the famous painting—so can an artist). – Instapainting

17) Create your own handmade needlepoint art

Showcase your own handmade piece of art by hanging a framed contemporary needlepoint piece. Combine a mindful activity with decorative art-making by stitching your own wall decor, and customizing the framing options to fit your home aesthetic. With these textile pieces, you can explore different art styles, colors, and textures to bring more life into your home. – Unwind Studio

18) Purchase a welcoming shrine for the front entrance of your home

On a trip to Japan (Beppu City, Oita), I was impressed by all the well-cared-for shrines dotted throughout the city. Much like in Japan, the “Shrine to Human Rights” is a reminder that we all share this planet and mutual respect makes the difference between harmony and dystopia. It should be at the main entrance of the house as a daily reminder of our responsibility to each other. – The Art Studio Inc.

19) Don’t be afraid of bold colors

When choosing art for your home, don’t be afraid to embrace bold colors. Art should speak to your soul. Choose a piece that inspires you and brings you to life. – Messy Ever After

20) Choose artwork that responds to your feelings, emotions, and guts

Always choose a piece that responds to your feelings, emotions, and to your guts. You should buy art from contemporary living artists like a teapot by Edmund de Waal, or one of his lidded vessels that would be a great addition to your adobe. If you think more about abstract sculpture to complement your space, explore Daniel Reynolds’s collection of kinetic mobiles and lighting. – Mari Balsamà Wilson

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