One of our main goals is to maintain a safe environment for everyone.

For this reason we have the following safe guards:

1. Security cameras and nest coded locking doors.
2. A bell that rings when the front door is opening.
3. Surveillance of the entire perimeter of the building.
4. Fencing along the back parking lot and concrete privacy wall along the studio.
5. Students and teachers are required to stay home from class if they are ill, a notice will be sent from teachers.

COVID-19 Safety Precautions and Rules:

1. Health of family and student should be in good standing (if in question do not come to class).
2. Temperature check- during viral highs- of youth students by a touch-less device upon entry into the studio.
3. Youth students hands will be sprayed with all natural hand sanitizer or washed in the sink upon entry.
4. Rigorous cleaning by studio teacher after every class.
5. Studio air vent and circulation of filtered air on at all times.