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Instructor for Colored Pencil Workshops

B.S. in Biological Sciences from Michigan Technological University
Ph.D. in Ecological Sciences from Old Dominion University
CPSA Signature Member in the Colored Pencil Society of America
Certified Life Coach from JRNI Coaching Intensive

Alisha Brown has been an artist since she could first grasp a crayon with her little chubby fist. Colored pencils first wooed her with their magic in high school and she subsequently made her first sale of a colored pencil masterpiece to one of her teachers. It’s been a love affair ever since and though, like all love affairs, there is an ebb and flow, colored pencil will always be her first true art love. She would love to share that joy with others. She has been teaching colored pencil classes off and on for years at the Norfolk Botanical Garden and her students bloomed under her easy going encouraging style. Alisha loves to experiment in all kinds of media and that willingness to “mess up” allows her students to relax and learn, even if that learning process leads to mistakes. Her classes are a no judgement zone and all about encouraging students to find their unique style.

Alisha has exhibited her award winning colored pencil works in local, national and international shows and looks forward to displaying her work in the local art community of her new home in Colorado Springs. Because of the deep love of this art form, Alisha very much loves to share her skills in hopes that she will recruit more artists to this wonderful community.

In addition to being an art adventurer, Alisha is a military spouse, mother of two children and two fur babies and occasionally a mindset coach (only when she has the right mindset.) Formerly she has been a scientist, a college teacher, and an adult education specialist and she is always on the lookout for the next adventure. She also teaches at Cottonwood Center for the arts and displays her art and other wonderful creations at Findings Boutique in Colorado Springs.

View and Register for her May 4 week “Luminous Colored Pencil Drawing” Course!

art classes near me

Join us for a fun new 4 week course in the art of colored pencil!

This course covers the basics of colored pencil and techniques in creating a luminous colored pencil affect.


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