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Student Art Show Guidelines

We’re thrilled to offer PPAC members (those who are part of our year-long adult membership series) the opportunity to showcase your artistic talent through our Student Art Show! Whether you’re planning an independent exhibition or collaborating with fellow students, this guide will help you navigate the process.


Cost Structure

  1. Independent Show:

  • To host an independent show, you’ll need to meet a minimum number of pieces (to be determined).

  • You’ll be responsible for processing payments received from customers.

  • All artwork must be approved by the director of PPAC.

  1. Group Show:

  • Collaborate with other students for a group show.

  • Similar to an independent show, the art pieces must meet quality standards and receive approval from the director.

Planning Your Show

  1. Select a Date: Agree upon a date at least one month prior to the show. This allows time for marketing effort

  2. Marketing Your Show:

  • As the student hosting the show, you’ll be responsible for marketing:

  • Invitations: Invite friends, family, and art enthusiasts.

  • Develop Marketing Materials: Create posters, flyers, and digital content.

  • Social Media: Utilize Instagram to spread the word. Tag, forward, and post about the event.

  • Approval Required: All marketing materials must be approved by the studio director before posting or printing.

  1. Studio’s Marketing Efforts:

  • The studio will handle the following marketing methods:

  • PPAC Website: Create an event on the PPAC website via the calendar and blog.

  • Email Notification: Send an email to all PPAC contacts.

  • Social Media: Publish a Facebook event and a Peak Radar event.

  • Instagram: Some photo marketing may be included.


Important Notes

  • Quality Matters: Ensure that any marketing materials prepared by you are of good quality, with clear images and content.

  • No Cost for Marketing: Students do not need to pay for marketing, but they should leverage their resources and community connections.

  • Liability and Waiver:

    • The studio will not be liable for any stolen, broken, or damaged artwork while in the studio.

    • Students must sign a waiver regarding their artwork and the takedown deadline.

    • The studio will handle hanging or placing the artwork.


Artwork Requirements for the Student Art Show


Dear Artists,


As you prepare your artwork for the upcoming Student Art Show, please adhere to the following guidelines:


  1. Artwork Signatures:

  • All pieces must be signed by the artist.

  • Your signature adds a personal touch and identifies your work.

  1. Information Slip:

  • Each artwork should include an accompanying slip of paper.

  • The slip must contain the following details:

    • Name of the Piece: If untitled, simply indicate “Untitled.”

    • Price (if for sale): Use “NFS” (Not For Sale) if the piece is not available for purchase.

    • Artist’s Name: This is how your name will appear during the show.

    • Artist’s Age (if a child or teen): Optional but helpful for context.

    • Medium Type: Specify the medium used (e.g., ceramic, pastel, acrylic paint, oil paint, etc.).

  1. Show-Ready Artwork:

  • Ensure that your artwork is prepared for display:

    • Cleaned: Dust off any surfaces.

    • Framed/Matted (if applicable): Properly frame or mat your work.

    • Ready to Hang: Attach hanging hardware or wire securely.

  1. Director’s Role:

  • The studio director will type the information for each piece.

  • A card will be provided for each item, displaying the relevant details.

  • Please write legibly to facilitate accurate transcription.


Thank you for contributing to our vibrant art community! We look forward to showcasing your talent at the Student Art Show.


Best wishes for a successful exhibition! 🎨✨

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