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“Art brings all people together, as it helps us to express ourselves in a necessary and even therapeutic way. Creativity is a calming, often challenging, and a peaceful process. Through my passion for Art and Art History and my wealth of knowledge in painting and drawing, I look forward to sharing this passion and experience with new students, and old, at Pikes Peak Artist Collective!”
– Erin Gillespie

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Current Drawing & Painting Classes Offered by Erin Gillespie

Summer 8 week workshop options:

Wed 530-730pm Drawing & Painting in the Styles of the Masters

Wed 3-5pm Paintings Inspired by Degas & Monet

Wed 12-2pm Exercises in Painting Techniques

Wed 9-11am Paintings inspired by Gauguin & Van Gogh

Thurs 3-5pm Drawing in Various Mediums

Thurs 12-2pm Art Nouveau Portraits Figures and Flowers

Thurs 9-11am Painting Towns and Cities

Painting Classes

The Nature of Classes

Drawing & Painting Classes

My adult drawing and painting classes are designed for all skill levels and experience. I offer both drawing and painting classes focusing on landscapes, still-lifes, portraits, and figures. In these classes, we will study different artists weekly, then do assignments as a group, using various references.


The culture or environment I create in my drawing & painting classes is one of encouragement and support. I strongly believe in creating a positive and fun environment for students to learn, improve, and ultimately thrive and succeed in.

Way of Teaching

Although I choose to teach in a very laid back and relaxed manner, I also continually provide feedback and individual instruction to students. I strive to provide them with new and helpful knowledge and techniques from my Fine Arts background and education.

“Erin Gillespie is the finest arts instructor I know. She is incredibly creative, effective, and generous, freely sharing her talents and expertise. She makes learning new approaches and methods both challenging and FUN. So long as Erin Gillespie teaches, I will be one of her many dedicated students.”

– Karon

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