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“Art brings all people together, as it helps us to express ourselves in a necessary, and even therapeutic way. Creativity is a calming, often challenging, and a peaceful process. Through my passion for Art and Art History and my wealth of knowledge in painting and drawing, I look forward to sharing this passion and experience with new students, and old, at Pikes Peak Artist Collective!”
– Erin Gillespie

Current Class Offerings:
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Painting Inspired by Henri Matisse
Painting Contemporary Landscapes
Painting Expressive Portraits and Figures 
Intermediate/Advanced Drawing
Painting in the Styles of the Masters
Painting Contemporary Still-Lifes 

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Adult Painting Classes

The Nature of Classes


My adult painting and drawing classes are designed for all skill levels and experience. I offer both painting and drawing classes focusing on landscapes, still-lifes, portraits and figures. In these classes, we will study different artists weekly, then do assignments as a group, using various references.


The culture or environment I create in my classes is one of encouragement and support. I strongly believe in creating a positive and fun environment for students to learn, improve, and ultimately thrive and succeed in.

Way of Teaching

Although I choose to teach in a very laid back and relaxed manner, I also continually provide feedback and individual instruction to students. I strive to provide them with new and helpful knowledge and techniques from my Fine Arts background and education.

“I have taken many classes from Erin over the years and am so impressed with her knowledge, talent and positivity. I have taken classes from Erin at Pikes Peak Artist Collective and have had more fun in this wonderful space than I could have imagined. The space is warm, well lit, comfortable and has a very good vibe.”

– Sharon

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